Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Impact of Being Overweight and Obese Essays

Impact of Being Overweight and Obese Essays Impact of Being Overweight and Obese Paper Impact of Being Overweight and Obese Paper Staying at a healthy weight requires balancing what a person eats with physical activity.   One of the best ways to prevent being overweight and obese is to improve eating and activity levels.   Overweight and obesity can lead to serious problems like type 2 diabetes, asthma, heart disease, sleep problems, low self esteem, and bullying (USDHHS, 2010). The obesity rates throughout the United States are simply shocking, and the harsh fact that American society grows increasingly fatter points to severe cultural problems.   These state statistics of population obesity levels from 2008, the percentage per state of very highly overweight people, are an indication of where the problems are most concentrated Parents are often the most vital role models for children.   When parents eat right and are physically active, then children are more likely to make these choices.   Getting active and eating healthy as a family helps family members to spend more quality time together.   Americans are growing heavier, and today, most adults are overweight or obese, and children are becoming heavier as well (USDHHS, 2010). When people overeat and do not exercise, the result is the problem of being overweight or obese.   Sometimes people learn poor eating and exercise behaviors at home or in their communities, but everyone is personally responsible to take the initiative to engage in health behaviors.   When people are offered large amounts of food at the homes of friends or when served at restaurants, people need to be able to say no to large portions or to share portions. Also, people have the responsibility to make exercise possible, such as walking or biking to work.   Sometimes, a biological problem, such as a defective thyroid gland, may contribute to being overweight, but typically, overweight and obese people are able to help themselves if they choose (USDHHS, 2010). People can check the status of their weight with the BMI calculator, available online, and to ask themselves if they are apple or pear shaped.   The BMI calculator can help in discovering whether or not a person is in a normal weight range, overweight, or obese.   Pear shaped people have waists smaller than their hips, and apple shaped people have smaller hips than waists.   It is important for people to be sure that the circumference of their waists is smaller than the circumference of their hips (USDHHS, 2010). Non profit organizations like Shape Up America! are dedicated to health weight for life, promoting the correct eating and exercise behaviors of people living in the United States.   This organization educates the public on the significance of realizing and maintaining a healthy body weight through the implementation of increased physical activity and healthy eating (Shape Up America!, 2009). References Shape Up America!   (2009).   Our Mission.   Shape Up America!   Retrieved on January 14, 2010 from shapeup.org/about/index_about.php. United States Department of Health and Human Services.   (2010).   Obesity.   United States Department of Health and Human Services.   Retrieved on January 14, 1020 from healthfinder.gov/scripts/SearchContext.asp?topic=592.