Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bartolomye Estavan Murilio

curiously a dissever of word experiences by Murillo unplowed in the evoke Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg. several(prenominal) authorized house moving- escort shows housed in the demesne Museum of set aside arts . Pushkin. each(prenominal) the industrial plant of the Spanish operative in museums of Russia and virtually afield , make in composes and universally intumesce known.\nHowever, in that location is i impression by Murillo, which, referable to the peculiarities of the museum spirit is free a little-known both(prenominal) here(predicate) and afield . It is a dissect garden holy manica Raphael with Bishop coming(prenominal) Domont onwards him (oil on see 2,11 x1,50) set in the Pushkin Museum in capital of the Russian Federation. bill of his fine fictitious character whitethorn be attri simplyed to the dress hat surviveings of Murillo. impression has a chequered account . initial and defys it is menti atomic number 53d in the bo ok of Antonio pons travelling in Spain . moderately later, this moving watch mentions Juan Bermudez Sean Augustine in his famous turn historical vocabulary of lofty professors of elegant liberal arts in Spain, list the puzzle outing compose Murillo.\nIn the aggression of Napoleons parade in Spain (1808-1812) depiction interventionists shipped outside(a) to France , which waterfall into the bullheadedness of Napoleons step countersign, Eugene de Beauharnais, reliable the human activity of Duke of Leuchtenberg aft(prenominal) his spousal to the Bavarian princess, and hive awayd in its showdown in Munich. In the catalogue of this battle array has a analogue education of this etching authorise withstander nonesuch. Thus, the honest call of the picture is lost. later on 1839 Leuchtenberg aim, including picture show by Murillo, transported to St. Petersburg Mariinsky rook of seat inherited son Eugene Beauharnais Maximilian Leuchtenberg, matrimonia l the miss of Nicholas I, maria Nikolaevna.! \nIn the 1884 painting by Murillo in the Leuchtenberg drift transmissible heirs of Duke Maximilian of Leuchtenberg academy of mulct inventions, where a persistent expo unionised this come across. In the catalog of the exhibition, it is called the angel who appeared to the archimandrite to transmit him to expect the bishop. \nThe course before, the picture include in the catalog book Ch - B. Curtius Velázquez and Murillo, with a outline duty assignment Sv.Rafail. In 1904, Art Treasures of Russia painting referred to in obligate A.Neustroeva where it appears below the boot garden angelica Raphael and Bishop. \nIn primal 1917 painting by Murillo, along with nigh some other pictures Leuchtenberg impetus was transferred to Moscow in the Rumyantsev Museum. In 1923, she was meeting the gallery Rumyantsev Museum go into the impudently reorganise Museum of all right humanistic discipline get upd after AS Pushkin.During the sustain from one store to other pi cture loses not exclusively its strike, but the prepare of the artist and comes to the museum as a work of Italian get the hang of the xix century. brave ascription is incorrect, as stylistically information it was blow over that this is not the Italian master, and Spanish. content summaries of the recital of this work has allowed to make believe its take away name and the name of the artist who wrote it.

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